The Homestay offers a true Authentic Cambodian experience by living right on the village premises. 

Experience life in a self contained sustainable ecosystem 

Eat fresh organic farm-to-table meals cooked straight from the open kitchen.

Learn about organic farming, Cambodian cooking, product making (handmade scarves, soaps, essential oils, crafts, etc.) through our various workshops.

See first hand how Cambodian Villagers live a simple, peaceful, productive and fulfilled lifestyle 


We have been working on creating a model for the eco village which becomes a role model of self sustainable village that has four key development areas

  1. Income generation
  2. Education
  3. Health and wellbeing
  4. improved living conditions 

We focus on village entrepreneurship, organic farming and a talent development starting with the children as young as five years.


Angkor Borei is an important historic site and is known as the foundation of the Khmer culture. It is also a very important archeological sites in Cambodia. This was the capital of Funan that became quasi-model for later city development of  Angkor. This site is located about 7 Km from the homestay and is one of the must visit places while you are in the area.


Our home is away from the city and other pollution causing activities. Here you will experience a true tranquility and will be able to recharge yourself by connecting with nature. 


We make natural health and well begin products including coconut oil, natural soaps and essential oils. You are welcome to join the workshop if you wish to learn how to make these products from scratch.


Since 203, we started a social enterprise to help the village mothers to earn enough money to support their families. We have been working on reviving the age old weaving that uses be every part of every day life ever since pre Angkor times. You will be able to learn about handmade cotton textiles and even learn how to weave.


We also have a learning centre where the village children and adolescents come in the afternoon to learn about different skills such as language, creativity and goal setting. You will be able to exchange your experiences with them in an empowering way. (Please be aware that some activities such as unskilled short term volunteering are not permitted as we are big advocates of Chidsafe campaign in Cambodia )