Things to do here

What makes this place extraordinary?

Sight Seeing

Angkor Borei

Angkor Borei was known as Vyadhapura when it served as the capital of ‘water Chenla’ in the 8th century. It was also an important centre during the earlier Funan period (1st to 6th centuries), when Indian religion and culture were carried to the Mekong Delta by traders, artisans and priests from India, as the great maritime trade route between India and China passed by the Mekong Delta.

Village Trails

Experience the true village life

We will take you where no tourists have gone before. We will follow the villagers, and that means mud trails and rice fields…as it is so much fun.

Khmer Kitchen

Cooking class

Why not become part of traditional cooking. Most of the food we cook at the farm kitchen is organically home grown. You can also see our aquaponic and permaculture growing here.

Social Business

Community Developement

We believe in responsible tourism has several goals: sustainability, environmental integrity, social justice and maximum local economic benefit. Responsible tourism asks individuals, organizations, governments and businesses to take responsibility for their actions and the effects of their actions.

Life at the homestay