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Dear Meas Family,

We are Cambodian and are have known almost every corner in our homeland, but this is the first time we came across a place that gave us a surprise such a place excite in this poor country side. It is one of the best experiences we have enjoyed so far and thank you so much for your hospitalities especially the excellent foods. Our special thing that we can not find in other place as the time we spent in the rice field around with local people exploring their true daily life. And other thing that we will never forgot is the time we spent with you sharing experiences to find a way to help the poor.

We believe that, as we were the first Cambodian guests. More Cambodian will come here not only for relaxing but also to go back to the time once we are we all come from.

We hope that we will be able to come back again soon to explore a new harvest season with your family. (If possible with more friends…)
Thank you so much and wish you all the best and success in your wonderful project.

Mardy & Ratana

(From Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Dear Mach and Siphen,

You are amazing !!! Thank you so much for the loveliest five days & the best food in Asia!

You are an inspiration. You give so many opportunities to everyone and touch the hearts of many.

Weíll remember your funny stories, your fish Amok, endless mango and constant smiles.

Thank you for giving us the chance to teach in your school and help the local family.

Wishing you all the best for the future!

Keep in touch. Weíll tell everyone about you!!

Lots of love

Eleanor, Charlotte, Caitlin and Declan, xxx

(From England)

Dear Meas Family,

Before Christmas, we were on the verge of leaving Cambodia without having an experience that would define our stay in this beautiful country. But then, we discovered your Homestay online and we got more than weíd bargained for. We not only had an extraordinary time feasting on delicious Khmer food and playing with JoJo , Lucky and Tino, but we also made some amazing friends along the way. From sharing your English classes ( university, high school, community ) with us to threshing rice and Khmer cooking classes your hospitality has been first-rate and heartfelt. Weíre evermore inspired to do something to help make the world a more
beautiful place.

Thank you again for everything !, We look forward to returning soon.


Tricia and Shawn Mitchell ( from U.S.A)

December 21st 2011

Dear Mach, Siphen and family,

Thank you for having us stay at your home, you are amazing people and we wish you all the best for the future. It was fantastic to visit the school, meet the pupils and teach some of the
students. Your Homestay has given us a brilliant insight into Cambodian life. We hope to meet
you again one day whether it be here or in England, you are welcome to stay with us anytime.

Wish you all the best for the future.

Take care

Sarah & James ( Ipswich, England )

November 21st , 2011

Dear Mach, Siphen and family,

Thank you for a wonderful stay and experience at your home. Your kindness and hospitality was
amazing and we really enjoyed our stay. We look forward to seeing you guys again.

Good luck, we wish you many success and happiness. Thank you for being amazing people and host. Keep in touch !!

Best regards,

Sophia Leang and Bryan Soto

( from Brooklyn, New York, USA )

Dear Meas Family,

Everything here was perfect. We all agree that this place has truly felt like home for us. From
the bumpy motorbike rides to building a toilet this has been a magical experience. The kids from
your school have changed my life. I feel very inspired by their passion to learn English, and their
smiles warm the heart. I feel like I left a piece of my heart here and I know that one day I will
return. The toilet project was amazing because I loved working alongside the family and knowing that what we built world change their lives forever.

Siphen and Mach you two do so much for both have inspired me to go home and work as
hard as possible and do what I love. Between the school, the Peace Corps tutor s, Hope For Happiness, hosting us and helping your community, I donít know how you keep your cool.
You both are wonderful and beautiful people. I want to change a thing about the last few days.

Mica Thompson

( Pacific Discovery, Fall 2011)

Dear Mach & Siphen,

We have had a wonderful time with you. It has been the highlight of our trip and we would love to come back. The food has been amazing.

Meeting your students has been such a privilege, they are so open and welcoming to visitors like us and are so motivated to learn all the time.

Finn says this is the best food he has had and loved meeting the students.

Maia couldnít decide what she like the best, she loved everything.

Please come and visit us one day.


Mark, Andrea, Finn and Maia

( from New Zealand )

Dear Mach & Siphen,

We are sad to leave your beautiful Homestay, but we are so happy that we have been lucky enough to have had this wonderful experience and to have net you both. You have such big hearts and are so kind and generous to all your guests. We have been treated like members of your family, which is very special for us. The students were great fun, and they are very lucky
to have your support as well. Foods so Delicious.

Thank you again for everything and hope to see you again, you are welcome to come and
stay with us in Tasmania any time.

Thank you, Love, Big Hugs

Gary and Chay Joss

( Hopert, Tasmania, Australia )

Dear Mach and Siphen,

Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome. We have enjoyed our stay immensely,
especially the opportunity to learn about your familyís story and about life and the educational
system in Cambodia. The food has been excellent. We love the beautiful view over the rice paddies. So nice to get the opportunity to talk to students who have wonderful dreams for the
future and the ambition.

We hope to return some day.

Kristina, Saslia and Joanns

(from Norway & Sweden)

Dear Meas Family

Thank you for staying at your house. It was really special, that we where so closely involved in your family, that it felt like we where adopted.

It was very nice of you to show us around in the house and the village. Also it was very good to hear about the history of Cambodia and storyís of the family.

We where lucky that we came to your house with the ìPhchum Ben dayî and where happy that you took us to the pagoda and explained the habits of your religion.

Thank you for every things, these days were special to us.

Lia Houy

Maurits Grunbauer (Holland)

Albert Derk (Germany)

Miracle Shin (China)

Dear Meas Family,

Thank you so much for everything ! I have spent one week with you and have felt like family since day 1. There were so many things I will keep in my heart, first of all : every single members of your lip family! I love you all a lot, thank you for letting me be part of you for one week, cooking, with Sopheap, Linda and Ly, planting rice with Oun, chatting with Siphen and Mach, cycling with Savdar, Khmer lesson with Malita, watching the boys play… I have enjoyed every minute. Leaving in really hard ! your family is so great, and I was very proud when Oun said I was her new daughter during rice planting. Your family has now expanded to Austria, I will be so happy to see you again some day !! I will keep in touch ! thank you!

With much love

Katrin ( from Austria )

Dear Meas Family,

Its been a short but amazing 2 days weíre spent with you and your family, feels like part of the family !!. From the amazing hospitality, conversations about our different cultures, sharing meals
at the dinner table meeting and (trying) to teach the children was a great experience. Overall, it has been truly humbling to be surrounded by people with much happiness and smiles.

We asked the children ìwhat do you like most about Cambodia?î. Altogether at once, they simply said ìitís homeî.

It truly is, and once again thank you for having us in your home !. It is all unforgettable experience, that Iíll be able to share with friends and family back home, while I make Fish Amok !!.

Keep in tough !

Stephanie & Daphne ( from Australia )

Dear Meas Family,

You welcomed me in such a friendly way from the first time we met. I really appreciate the time we spent together, especially talking with you and listening to the stories of your life. The
food was always lovely and I am happy, I could teach you how to prepare an Holian dish. I hope you are gonna kook Gnocchi now and then in the future . I absolutely admire your interest to learn new things and especially your effort to change things for the better in your country.

I also have to thank you for giving me the possibility to meet so many Khmer students.

It was really interesting to share some English lessons with them, and even more just to share some questions and answers about the different lifestyle. To end with, I simply want to encourage you to keep doing your homestay because it is a fantastic way for travelers to get an
idea of Khmer culture and meet friendly people like you !

Wish you all the best for the future.


Holian friend



Dave, 14-21-5-2011

Dear Mach, Siphen, Savdar and the family,

Thank you for everything. I loved the wedding , the teaching, talking with the family, eating your food, experiencing your culture, lying in the green hammock and everything else I experienced. But most of all I enjoyed getting to know you all. You are all fantastic people with
great spirits.

When you come to Australia I expect a message on face book so I can meet you and return the kind hospitality that youíve shown me. As they say in Mexico: Mi casa su casa ( my house is your house ).


( From Australia)

Dear Siphen, Mach and family,

Thank you for being such a wonderful hosts over the past week. We have had an amazing time
eating, painting, meeting the local children and getting to know you and your family. We are
especially thankful to have been able to share the Khmer New Year with you and to have joined
in the traditional celebrations. You made us feel truly welcome and we will not forget the special time we spent here at Meas Family Homestay .

Thank you for welcoming us into your home, you really are wonderful people.

All our love

Sophie and Danielle

( from England )

Dear bang Siphen , bang Mach and family,

Thanks for wonderful experience being with you and everyone here. I really enjoyed my stay with a very excellent and warm hospitality.
It is a Home a way form Home life for me. I highly
appreciate your welcome, friendliness, and a lot of life cultural experiences you have shared.

Thanks for every things!

Canít wait to come back and play with Lita and meet everyone again.


Ratanaís friend form Phnom Penh,



Pacific Discovery ( U.S University students group, Leader : Hillary)

Dear Family,

It was really amazing to stay hear for 3 nights. You learned me a lot about the Khmer culture and history. You made me love this country more and more. You are really good people
and I know for sure that all your dreams will come true. This place is paradise with beautiful

Thank you so much for every things you gave me.

Lizet Steenbergen

( U.S.A)

November /2-3-4-5/ 2009

Pacific Discovery (U.S University students)

Thank you so much for having our group here. It has been so wonderful to meet you all,
hear your stories, get to know your family and your beautiful home and culture. I canít wait to visit again. Thanks for the delicious food !

Leo Smith

Wellington, New Zealand

Dear Meas Family,

This is our little piece of paradise!

Every time we stay here we wish we were staying longer. This time we stayed longer and it is still not long enough!

Bring on the Meas Family Retirement Village.

Best wishes for all your dreams and plans.

Love from Noel, Carolyn & family

(From Australia)

Siphen, Mach and Family,

We canít thank you enough for all that you have given taught and shared with us. We feel truly blessed to be welcomed into your family, home and community you have taught us so much about passion, ambition and dedication. We admire your nature and beautiful personality and have and taught us a lot about hospitality. We can not wait to come back.

Please, please keep us in touch and informed. Weíd love to welcome you to Australia just as you have welcomed us.

Much love

Elisa, Melissa and Carla

( From Australia )

Dear Meas Family,

The time our family had here was a once off and an amazing experience for our whole family.

Thank you so much for welcoming our family and helping us to feel so at home. Very relaxing stay. It is a special treat for us to go to Mach & Siphenís school. My two daughters really enjoyed the experience and will remember it for a long time.

Good luck for the whole family and Thank You!!!

Henderson & family,

Jo, Stella, Hannah, xoxo

(From Australia )

Dear Mach and Siphen,

I had a wonderful time here with you. I will keep in touch by E-mail and no doubt will return.

Keep up all your good work with the children, it is so wonderful.

Steve Hume

(From Southampton, England)

Dear Meas Family,

We found here a place of paradise the garden, the birds, the peaceful atmosphere, and over all the warm welcome of the family.
Thank you for the delicious meals, different every day.

After busy day in Phnom Penh, we could rest and save energy/refresh in the peaceful garden and rooms for the weekends.

Thank you for all of your family and wish be successful.

We want to meet you again some time, in Cambodia or in France.

Louisette , Poitou, Christiane & Mireille

(From France)

Dear Meas family,

There really is nothing more I can add that hasnít been written before. I have loved every minute and canít wait to return.

Thank you so much!

Fiona & M.Adam


Thank you so much for the nice atmosphere during our stay. We really enjoyed staying at your home and learning more about the Cambodian culture and history. The food was delicious and we were also able to show you some German food. During our stay we felt like belonging to your family and we want to thank you for that so much.

Hopefully, we will see each other again (perhaps next time in Germany).

Carolin and Thomas

(From Germany)

Dear Siphen and Mach,

We thoroughly enjoyed your familyís hospitality you have a lovely place and we feel much rested after our stay. We loved learning about your family, your life, and experiencing Khmer food (home cooking) and village life. We look forward to returning for more visits and hope that you stay in contact, especially if you visit Phnom Penh.

Louise, Terry, Liam and Alys.

(From Australia)

To the Meas Family,

A delightful home stay, your hospitality, generosity and warm open friendly manner made my stay here a pleasure. I look forward to returning soon.

A wonderful place to relax, enjoy food & practice Khmer language and learn of your family history.

Thank you so much!

Paula Bruce

Mildura, Victoria Australia

Dear Siphen & Mach and all the family,
Thank you for the opening your home up to us! We have enjoyed being part of your family for a short time. We were very well looked after and felt like part of the family. Next time Michael will plough a whole rice field and Jenni will learn how to make spring rolls better !

We will be in contact soon to see how we can be involved more.

Jenni & Michael

(Victoria, Australia)

by Melissa Raftery and Billy Voisine

Maine, U.S.A.

The Meas family is a lovely group of people! From the second you enter their home, you realize that you have just made a new friend for life. Their hospitality and friendly welcome will provide the difference in your travels.

The Cambodian cuisine is prepared from local ingredients and the gardens surrounding their home. If you are lucky, you might even have the opportunity to learn a bit of Khmer cooking! Siphen and Mach are also extremely knowledgeable on Cambodian culture and history. Be sure to ask questions!

From the lasting colors and sweet smells of the Cambodian countryside, to the local school and temple visits, you will leave rested with fond memories. The Meas family home stay is an unforgettable experience that we will forever recommend.

All Our Bests,

Melissa and Billy

Maine, U.S.A.

November 2008

Thank you for welcoming us into your home . It’s been very relaxing here and a great
opportunity to see families going about their daily lives .

We’ve enjoyed interacting with your family members and sharing aspects of
our lives together .

The food has been fabulous such a variety and a chance to try traditional Khmer
dishes and new types of fruit . The stuffed frogs legs were delicious !

We would recommend staying here to anyone who wants to experience
Cambodian life .

Judith Miller and Helen Walch ( From New Zealand )
January 2009


The Meas family homestay is absolutely the highlight for our travellers in Cambodia. They offer wonderful hospitality, fantastic food, interesting conversation, fascinating visits to local sights. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Try to stay a few nights at least and really soak up the wonderful experience.
Rachel Sanson, Pacific Discovery

Love to you all,


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Staying in the Meas Family Home Stay was one of the best experiences I have had. I was able to come away with the essence of Cambodia, the people. The sights, sounds, feelings one has from staying here is magic. Mach and Siphen are remarkable and friendly hosts. I recommend this opportunity to anyone wanting a meaningful travel experience.

Emma McFadyen

New Zealand Primary Teacher

I had stayed with the Meas family previously when I traveled abroad two years ago with a program called Pacific Discovery. I managed to get in contact with them my second time around visiting Cambodia(October 2009) and they were more than willing to let me stay with them for a short time during my travels around Cambodia. They are some of the most enjoyable, friendly people you will ever meet. I loved lounging in the hammocks, talking with them, learning how to make my new favorite food (lemon/pepper sauce), exploring the rice fields and just spending time with them. The homestay experience made me feel as if I was part of their family and it’s something I will always look back on and smile.

Genevieve ennis, from U.S.A

Homestaying at the Meas was an extraordinary experience! I immediately felt part of the family. It was definitely a worthwhile visit with amazing local cuisine prepared by the Meas cooks and great hospitality from the entire family. I will never forget my stay at the Meas!

Thanks so much Mach and Siphen!

I hope all is well with you and your family!


Jasmine ( University of Auckland, New Zealand)